Region 4 Association


Southern Region Association Officers



Southern Region Association Officers


Region 4 Director -- Joey Powell  NC 12


 President -- Howard Callis  VA 6


1st Vice President -- Steve Guillot  LA 1


2nd Vice President -- William Dill  MD 6


Secretary/Treasurer -- Eileen Jewett  VA 2


Road Captain -- VA 6

    The 2013 DIXIE was a great success.  We had 120+ members sign in at registration over the weekend.  There were 20 chapters from the Southern Region represented from 8 states.  We also had visitors from Canada,VT,MA, and RI.  There was a lot of fellowship and friendships made.  Most important of all, everyone stayed safe and there were no injuries or accidents.


    Get ready for this year because we are going to Virginia.  Virginia 6 is hosting in Virginia Beach in 2014.  Stay tuned to this website as it is our new form of news and events for the entire region.